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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 13, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now another noon, we are hearing from family memorialers of a man--members of a man beaten so badly he is hon o on life support. an investigation is under way after an am track train was shot at the while it was moving. plus, tributes with pouring in for actor and comedian robin williams. and why his daughter says she is being forced to end her use of social media. complete bay area news coverage starts right now.
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this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. new information about the man found beaten sunday morning in san francisco. today his family is expected to say good-bye to him. al salve has an--alex has an update on the investigation and the community outpouring in his honor. >> reporter: and we are here honoring the man, that many people now just as feather. he was a free spirit, and this afternoon, at 3:33 p.m., there will be a vigil near by to honor 3 #-year-old brian huggens, the victim if the case, and that is the around the same time that the family plans to take him off after life support. he was found early sunday morning on church street, he had been beaten. the san francisco police say there is video that captured the assault and they are now
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looking for a man who was seen running away from the scene. huggens cyst herb--huggens sister said he move today san francisco from michigan to 2005. he worked here and he was well known. >> we are going to stay our final good-byes to a very beautiful human being. it is touching to know that he touched so many people and we he was very loving, very caring. >> reporter: authorities struggled to identify him after he arrived at the san francisco general hospital with no id on him. the hospital released a picture to help figure out who he was. friends tell us higgins was part of the radical ferry movement. it is mostly gay men looking
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for a spiritual de-mention. and the police are not saying why higgins may have been targeted this the attack. and again, we do expect there will be quite a turnout this afternoon, a vigil on honoring the victim in the beating. the family is hoping more witnesses will come forward. live this afternoon in san francisco. all right, thank you, alex. right now, amtrack is investigating an incident that damaged a car. good afternoon, bryan. >> reporter: good afternoon, tory, yes, this station brings in freight cars, amtrack cars and bar train cars. and now what happened yesterday afternoon, one viewer said it was small gauge gunfires a it passed by the station. these are a couple of pictures that the viewer e-mail today
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us. he says that another window was also hit aboard this am frank train. now he said it was gunfire but amtrack is just saying that some type of object hit the train and it is currently a case of vandalism. and now this happened aboard a northbound amtrack train, number 356, headed to sacramento. the train's route started in oakland. according to the witness, he said it happened about ten minutes after the train passed the richmond amtrack station. about 50 people were on board and there were no injuries. people are surprised it happened to a train. >> this in be incare,--in this area, they do hot have time for shooting at trains. >> my reaction is really scared. because no one got hurt, did they? oh, that is good. that is really good. i have my grandchildren here and it would be bat bad--it
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would be bad. >> reporter: and now the conductor felt it was safe to at least continue onto sacramento where it stopped. and that is where the police and amtrack started their investigation. and we also contacted richmond police. they did not have any reports of gunfire and nothing was picked up on the shot spotter. is this is an amtrack police investigation. in terms of the train's route, it is running on time today. live here in richmond. bryan. all right, crick work by san jose firefighters this morning keep a brush fire from spreading. it burned about a quarter of an acre in southern san jose. firefighters say cooking fires at a near by homeless champ may be the cause. there were no reports of injuries. some people in san bruno are concerned over construction near the site of the pipeline
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explosion four years ago. pg and e crews are working on the pipeline to ensure it is safe but we are told by some who live in the neighborhood that loud construction noise is hurting some people. we spoke to one woman whose son was 12 at the time of the explosion. >> he has a lot of flash backs of four years ago when the explosion happened and he does not talk much about it but i know it is embedded in him and it terrifies him. and if he has an ohio, he will move out. --has an choice, he will move out. >> and people are also concerned about building 30 new homes in the neighborhood and the added traffic. but it still needs city approval. continuing coverage now on the death of robin williams. we listened to that the lights on broadway will be dimmed tonight in honor of williams. he performed on broad way in m
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times. in 1988 he starred with steve martin. and he had a run of his own, robin williams live on broadway in 2002. --2002. fans are making their way to a memorial for williams in san francisco. and as tara reports, some people are emulating a character in one of his most beloved move vies. >> reporter: fan made tributes from san francisco, colorado, boston, and hole by wood: at the mr. doubt fire house, flowers and move vie lines in chalk. and this twitter picture, an o captain my captain tribute. >> it was really just sad and shocking to hear what happened. >> reporter: michael had a t- shirt made to honor histie
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idol. --his idol. >> he improvised like crazy, which is great. i have neoteinia mom i can do it just like--i have not seen a comic do it just like that. just second to second. it was always funny. >> he made people laugh. >> reporter: and williams 25- year-old daughter, zelda has been dealing with online taunting regarding her father's suid. two people's--suicide. two people's twitter accounts were suspended. she--suspended. she aid she was stepping back from twitter and inthat gram. but she did release a tatement saying while i will never un- stand how he could be love sod deeply and not find it in his heart to stay, there is minor comfort in knowing our grief and loss is shared with mill yams. and the--millions. and the family is asking that
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people make a donation to one of his favorite charities, the christopher and dina reid foundation, and more. ktru channel 2 news. >> robin williams was a long- time san francisco giants fan and last night he was honored before the game. >> we lost one of our greatest fans yesterday and he will be deeply missed by all of us. >> pictures of williams were up on the score board as fans and players stood to observe a moment of silence and bruce has fond memories of williams. and the giants are about to start a day game against the white sox. so just keep that in mind as it may impact the afternoon commute. and the hollywood community suffered the death of lauren
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bacall. she became a star in to have and have not. her first movie, where he is also met her husband, hump richardson. that was in 1944 when he was just 19. they married the next year and costarred in three other movies. they stayed together until his death in 1957. bacall suffered a stroke yesterday, she is survived by three children. tensions are continuing to grow between the police and civil rights groups in missouri after the deadly shooting on a teenager. why the police department is withholding the name of the officer involved. >> partly cloudy today for parts of the bay area. but with have a warming trend and corner. >> plus, summer vacation is over for thousands of bay area students. what is new for one bay area school and one south bay school
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welcome home! give him the tour. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens. tensions between police and civil rights groups are growing in missouri over the police shooting of an african american teenager. >> we are. >> michael brown. >> disperse now. go home. you will be sub correct to
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arrest. >> it was the fourth night of demonstrations in streets. police say 18-year-old michael brown started a scuffle with an officer and reached for the officer's gun last sad. but witnesses say she was unarmed and--say he was unarmed and shot with higgs arms in the air. >> his weapon was already drawn when he got out of the car. he shot again and once my friend felt that shot, he turned around and he put his happens in the air and he started to get down and the officer still approached with his weapon drawn and fired more shots and my friend died. >> and people are also angry that the name of the officer is being withheld. it is normal to withhold the name unless charges are filed. and arrest has been made in the death of a man who was gunned down in front of his girlfriend two weeks ago, 19- year-old [ inaudible ] was arrested a day after the deadly
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july 28th shooting but the police withheld the information until now. the victim was walking with his girlfriend when he was shot. the neighborhood is plagued by gang violence but his friends say he was not a gang member. a bay area pastor is facing charges of child molestation after being arrested at his daily city homiester day. 69-year-old---home yesterday. investigators say he molested the victim at his home. they are now trying to see if there are any other victims. he has ties to another church in san francisco and one in concord. as students get ready to go back to school, the oaklanddown fied school district is going to vote on accepts thousands of- -on accepting thousands of
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dollars of donations to help immigrant students better transition. a family is donating $45,000 and the y and h soda down nation is doe fate--foundation is donating $30,000. it would be paid to help provide support and services to the immigrant minors. it is already the first day of school for many students across the bay area. today, children in san show a, south san francisco, and nap pa also headed back to class. and we were there as students were welcomed back to campus. >> reporter: the site of yellow school buses signaled the start of the school year. students started to arrive in the 7:00 a.m. hour. it is one of 40 schools in the san jose school district that opened today. incoming freshman were full of nervous energy. >> i am excite and i am feeling great about--i after excited
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and feeling great about moving. and i am going to meet new friends. >> reporter: teachers have been preparing for weeks while keeping the plan in mind. the focus, to teach -- the focus t teach students skills and giving students access to high level courses. san jose high is in a lower income neighborhood where the student population is 80% latino. an opportunities are offered here to be a part of an engineering prom. san jose--program. san jose high has an upstated computer labs. and they will be used for research and to access education al app--educational apps. inside the classroom, teachers are using the first day to get students used to the routine. >> we know what to expect and teachers, like i said, they are very flexible and they include some strategies in the classroom just to bring them back and get them hooked from
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the start. >> i want to get like better grades, catch up with my credits and have fun. >> reporter: a good goal to start with for the coming year. you can visit our website at for a complete list of bay area start dates. and wealso have a slide show of on air talents. facing a tight deadline and a record drought. today the california legislature is going vote on placing a new water bond on the innovate ballot. there is already an $11 billion mesh measure--measure on the ballot. it would authorize boroughing for water projects like water recycling and more. the governor needs republican support, though, because switching out the ballot measures needs a two-thirds majority in both houses of the
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legislature. this comes as two major bay area water districts approve mandatory water rhetorics. yesterday, san francisco voted to require customers to cut outdoor water use by 10%. the new rules start next month and will last through june 30, 2015. customers with heaters can use 0% belower can-use 10% below the water they used last year. and fines will be determined at the next meeting. and east bay mud approved new rules outlawing the flooding of gutters and watering lines more than twice a week. however, there was no talk for fines of violators. ♪ [ music ] and no rain at all in the bay area forecast, in fact, sunny skies today and we are
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going to be quiet into the weekend. all day, crystal clear conditions here. a few, scattered low clouds on the satellite. you can see on the radar, nothing is being detected. but as izard, some scattered low clouds, part of marine county and still some fog in the shoreline as well. current numbers, right now, it is 75 in san show cay. santa row is a, 66. already warming up inland, lower 80s there and mountain view, 73-degrees. forecast headlines for today a sun, cloud mix. and williams have another live- -and we have another live camera and the hills are very dry out there and the fire danger is ramping up. for tomorrow, amer and then the weekend--warmer, and then the weekend, cool temperatures on the coast and warm inland, in the mid and upper 80s. we have the one weather system up to the north that is going
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to get out of town. we have some clouds for today. and then for thursday and friday, some morning fog and a warmer forecast as this area of high pressure builds but no mayor heat out there. --major heat out there. the beaches mainly in the 60s with the steady on shore breeze. and we have an increase once again in low clouds and fog and then the marine layer is come pressing and we have dense fog tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. and then clearing back to the shoreline in the afternoon. this afternoon, warmest locations, we are thinking a lot of 80s into brentwood and fair field, 81. san francisco, 69-degrees. san show a, upper 70s. a lot of 80s at gill roy. and a look ahead, your weekend is always in view. and temperatures up just enough, as we head into thursday and friday. that means warmest spots, i upper 80s, could be flirting
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with 90-degrees. and no mayor changes here, but of course, just looking at that camera with all of the dry hills, freudianer is a reality, each day that passes, august, september, october, we'll be watching for that and later in august, we get the warm offshore winds. but it is not showing up just yet. okay, thank you, mark. well, it is called the noble prize for mathematics. and for the first time, a woman has won it. her connections to the bay area.
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well, stocks are higher in afternoon trading with the dow moving positive, despite a mixed factor of economic news. and shoppers were flat in july. the commerce department says that retail sales were up a little bit. the dow is up 90. the nasdaq is up 43. s and p, up 12. candy crush's stock, the proceeds from the once wildly popular game, were down for than ex-petted. share--expected. shares are down about 23% on the news that the company has new games but they are not growing rapidly enough. apple suppliers have already started manufactures new ipads, according to a report from bloomberg news. the reports says that the full-
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sized ipad may come with an antiglare screen. it could be un-vailed before the end of the year. the timing is important, as apple is getting ready for a new product push. ipad sales have declined for the past six months. a stanford professor is the first women to get the medal forout standing discovery. 37-year-old maryam mirzakhani was recognized for her contributions in yes woman tri and the understanding of curved surfaces. she is going to help scientists make better predictions in other works. she accepted the award at the international congress of mathations in seoul, south korea. we are learning new information about the hunt of a man accused of killing a 19-
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year-old from holster. now the city is taking a step to find her killer of and they shall going--killer. and they are going all the way to the governor's office to get help. that is coming up tonight at 5:00 p.m. thank you for making us your choice for news. we are always here at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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